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How do cats communicate?

You can tell a lot about a cat's mood if you look out for and know the signs of how they communicate. They use body language, scent, touch and sound in their communication. Read on to find out more!


Have you noticed how your cat rubs against your leg or couch? That's how cats rub the scent from their cheek glands onto objects to mark their territory. They also mark their scent through glands in their chin, forehead, top of the tail and of course through urine and faeces.

Body language

Cats may not be able to speak, but you can definitely understand how they're feeling through their body language. A content cat will point their ears forward, half closer their eyes, curl their tail and purr. If your cat is scared, you'll find their ears are back, fold flat on their head with their pupils dilated. Looking out for your cats body language can help you understand them and their needs better.


Cat's meows can tell you a lot. In order to express their emotions and physical needs, cat's change the pitch, intensity and frequency of their meows. Purring usually indicates that they are relaxed, whereas hissing and growling show aggressive behaviours.