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Baked Dog Biscuits

Introducing: Baked Biscuits

Introducing: Baked Biscuits

The Natural Paw Company is excited to announce the launch of our latest range of products, this time for the other furry friends in your life: dogs!

Available at Woolworths, these Baked Biscuits are the perfect treat for your pooch. Made from absolutely nothing artificial, you can rest assured that your dog is only getting the best, with all natural ingredients to support their wellbeing.

We understand how precious our four-legged friends are – and know they deserve the only the best – so we’ve created a line of treats to support their health and wellbeing, so try out the three delicious flavours:

    • Multigrain Bones
    • Vegetable Roles
    • Vanilla Paws

Suitable for all dog sizes and breeds, these fun-sized Baked Biscuits are great as a reward while training, after a long walk, or as a nice surprise! In a handy resealable tub to keep them fresh for longer, it’s the perfect size to take along to the dog park or on a picnic hike.

Baked Dog Biscuits

So, when is the best time to give your dog treats?

Treats can be a great part of positive reinforcement for behaviour or activity training. They can help show affection, so timing them right is essential, such as before exercise and discipline. This way, you build up better habits and don’t confuse your dog.

Dogs love praise, attention and bonding with their humans, so using treats can help support this and even get the most stubborn of dogs excited for training or exercise.

Try waiting for your dog to calm down before giving them a treat – their sense of smell is incredible, so it will likely excite them, but waiting until they settle down is a great way to help reinforce good behaviour training. Routine is great for dogs, so scheduling treat time regularly is a good habit to build, such as when you leave home or after walks.

In between meals is a great time to give them treats too, rather than before a meal to spoil their appetite, or after when they’re too full. If dogs are being fed treats too often it could result in a reduced interest in their actual food, or a dietary imbalance. Always make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times too.

As hard as it can be to resist their puppy eyes, being consistent will have long term benefits as your furry companion becomes well-behaved and well-adjusted. Of course, a surprise can be a great way to show them you care or as a fun way to include your dog in special occasions!

Check out our product page to see the range, and let us know on social media which flavour of Baked Biscuits your dog likes best!