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Is your cat bored?

Have you been coming home from work and noticed that your cat has turned into a wrecking monster?

Well, they're probably bored!

While cats are fiercely independent and mostly content being alone, sometimes boredom takes over and they turn to destruction for entertainment.

Signs your cat may be bored:

Grooming themselves repetitively • Chasing or irritating other pets • Sleeping constantly • Disinterested behaviours, moping and acting sad • Overeating • Destroying objects in your house.

Does your cat take on any of these behaviours?
Read on to find out some ways to bust their boredom and keep everyone happy.

Toys, toys, toys

Cats love toys to keep themselves interested. The toys available to buy your cat are endless, but have you ever thought about giving them household items? Things like toilet rolls, or even ping pong balls can keep cats entertained for hours (and stop them from ruining your curtains!)


Cats love to hide, so boxes are perfect. Create a little play-pen, or tunnel for them to run through.

Scratching posts

If you've noticed your favourite leather couch looking a bit worse for wear from your cat's claws, scratching posts are a great idea.


Cats love to hunt, so providing them with a way for them to work towards their food is a guaranteed way to keep them busy.

Climbing perches

Cats love to climb and be on elevated spots. Make sure the structure you purchase is a suitable height for your cat and is safe.


Cats are nosey and love to watch the world go by outside. If possible, give them a resting spot by the window where they can relax.