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Owning a cat has real health benefits

Not only are cats cute, hilarious and great companions, they also give their owners amazing health benefits. Read on to see how your furry friend can be helping make you healthier.

1. Cats may lower your risk of heart disease As studies have shown, cats have a great effect on lowering your stress levels. If you're less stressed, your risk of heart disease also lowers.

2. Better sleep Did you know that studies have shown that people would prefer to sleep with their pet than their partner? Mayo Clinic for Sleep Medicine conducted a study that found 41% of people sleep better because of their pet.

3. They help you cope Life gets tough, and sometimes we get lonely. Cats are a great support in times of grieving and sadness, by providing comfort and making us feel less alone.

4. Owning a cat means fewer allergies (for kids) The National Institutes of Health found that being exposed to a cat when you are under a year old means you are less likely to develop allergies.

5. They could save your life Cats have been known to save their owners lives. A cat in the UK can detect when her owner is about to have a seizure, and another in the US woke its owners when a gas pipe was leaking in their house!