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How to litter train your cat

Having a new cat is so exciting, and one of the first things you'll want to do to make your experience together a positive one is to get your cat to use the litter tray.

According to the RSPCA, most cats will instinctively use a litter tray from a young age, but there are steps you can take to ensure this is smooth sailing.

Pick a spot you're happy for the litter box to stay permanently

Choose somewhere that is not close to their food and water, and that is quiet and private. Cats instinctively want to 'do their business' away from their feeding area. Additionally, avoid moving the tray around your house too much, as this will confuse your cat.

Choose a large litter box

To make sure your cat is comfortable, it's better to get a larger litter box. If your cat is still growing, it will ensure you don't need to buy a new one once they reach adult-age. Have an elderly or small breed? Purchase a litter box with smaller sides, so they can easily get in and out.

Play with your cat near the box

A good trick to make your cat more comfortable with their litter box is to play with them and some toys near it.

Give them routine

Within the first few days of bringing your cat home, place them in the litter tray around 30 minutes after feeding time. Make sure you give your cat praise when they use the litter tray to encourage them.